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Our Junior Program

is for the children & grandchildren of GARLCA Members.
Children (ages 6-21) can participate in a three-day program of discovery, education & talent.

Junior Program: About
Junior Program: About

Junior Program


Poster/Essay Contest
All essays and posters must be on or attached to a letter-size manila folder. There is no requirement as to how many sides of the folder you use, but you must be able to fold the folder. 

Each entry must the following information legibly written on the back of the folder:
1. Name and address
2. Date of birth and age of 8/1/24
3. Name of parent or grandparent
4. State in which dues are paid
Entries with incomplete/incorrect information will be disqualified. All entries will be judged on originality, neatness, grammar, and spelling.

Poster Design Themes for the following age groups - 

Ages 6-7: How police officers and firefighters help us.
Ages 8-9: How service dogs can help veterans and first responders.
Ages 10-11: How we support our military.

Ages 12-14: What does the Eagle stand for the United States.

Essay Subjects for the following age groups -    
Age 15-17: What does the phrase “Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up” mean to me?

Ages 18-20: How my vote can make a difference.

Special Needs: Service and Shelter Dogs

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